News and Server Update

04/08/2020 11:19:45am -8:00GMT US Pacific Time

  • 12:40:02@ Pacific Time 2020-03-22 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    What's going on update???

    Rumors that I've heard to others:

    Hi! Good day to all O2Jammers! As you know we pause any updates and release, for the time being, our server still up and running. No need to worry about being shut down or lack of support on the server. The server can run without budget for 5 years. I dedicated much of my money on the server so it will run continuously throughout the year.

    Network issues:

    It's about the CoronaVirus, we are affected a bit on this situation and our network is being throttled a bit that is why some of the players are having a hard time connecting and play the game in stable and playable manner.

    Technical stuff:

    Our server still stable, I might restart the network on some days just to release some network cache and some stuck rooms on the server. We might need to update the hardware just to support more players.

    Players update:

    I've seen more players than ever before, no kidding!! We saw more than 50+ players in a day! Which boost our server more and improve the player base and community.

    Thank you for the support

    18:41:21@ Pacific Time 2020-02-21 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    Patch 64: Feb 21, 2020

    - Launcher fix for "File patch error"
    - Added some moving file fixes
    - Added text indication for more data logging and provides information

    - Added Disable Web Elements
    - Added pre-Linux wine compatibility *not working yet*
    - Added more compatibility and host setting
    - Fixed some issues with selecting window mode and setting-up primary screen height and width location

    12:12:19@ Pacific Time 2020-02-13 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    All patches and updates will be delayed due to my current health condition.

    Thank you for understanding

    21:12:21@ Pacific Time 2020-02-05 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    O2JAM INT Advance Patch Update for Feb 07, 2020

    - Linux *Wine Compatibility* : Able to run the game and completely aware that it is running on Wine Environment *this setting might work on macOS as well*

    - Web Disable *disable any web elements including itemshop, userlist, and gift system*

    - Music update *bring back some of the music that I(Admin) accidentaly removed*

    - Interface update *Updating some languages and removing some elements that does not need to be in the game anymore*

    - Compatibility Fixes *added more compatibility fixes and update, mostly registry and some dll updates*

    22:07:14@ Pacific Time 2019-12-27 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    We've reached more than 25 players which is a new milestone on our online player stats.

    Thank you for your continuous support on our server.

    I will deliver the next patch fixes on next week or maybe few weeks before my vacation going to Los Angeles, if you guys want to meet me, feel free to go to Anime Los Angeles, Ontario Convention Center, Ontario, California

    17:28:55@ Pacific Time 2019-12-25 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    Merry Christmas to all O2JAM INT players and supporters!!

    Hope you guys are enjoying Christmas. Be happy and have a happy Jamming!!

    By the way, before I go to sleep, there's more things to come to our server. Usually some settings and more customization, that will unlock all potential of this server

    Furthermore, we are improving compatibility with new releases and build operating system on Windows 10

    More translation fixes and updates, including some artifacts and unknown errors that still persist with the client *hope i can fix this*

    So Thank you and Enjoy!!

    12:49:43@ Pacific Time 2019-12-20 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    Patch 63 Fix (12/20/2019)


    - Fixed launcher not closing when fullscreen mode enabled

    10:31:39@ Pacific Time 2019-12-20 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    Patch 62 Update (12/20/2019)


    - Fixed some errors when on fullscreen mode
    - Fixed detection on center screen
    - Fixed only primary display when doing window mode
    - Fixed window mode execution when fullscreen mode enabled


    - Added some fixes to fps drops and improvements on the code
    - Adding more settings and fixes to Applayer Compatibility Modes
    - Code Cleanup

    19:48:04@ Pacific Time 2019-12-12 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    We removed some of Facebook stuff on our website because our App got rejected and still they haven't explained why we got rejected in the first place

    So... I coded my own website news and update from the scratch and not rely on Facebook Apps anymore

    Please read the website for any news and update, NOT THIS FACEBOOK PAGE

    16:06PM @ Pacific Time Nov 22 2019 O2Jam Interval Admin

    Patch 61 Update:

    - Fast Patching
    - Fixed double patching method
    - Fixed unable to delete some files
    - Fixed byte patching method
    - Fixed move folder and music folder variables

    14:03PM @ Pacific Time Nov 21 2019 O2Jam Interval Admin

    Website Update:

    - Faster loading
    - HTTPS Enabled for security
    - Fixed javascript calls