News and Server Update

09/21/2018 01:23:28pm -8:00GMT US Pacific Time

  • 10 days ago September 11, 2018O2Jam Interval Admin

    Intermittent Connection

    - Minor intermittent connection due to setting up the IPv6 stuff to the router and the main line

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  • 19 days ago September 02, 2018O2Jam Interval Admin

    O2JAM INT Update Patch 49 (09/02/2018)

    + Launcher update, removed Server Down Notice
    + Forced IP
    + Launcher stability improvement

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  • 20 days ago September 01, 2018O2Jam Interval Admin

    O2JAM INT Skins Update (09/01/2018)


    ++ Added More Playing skins
    + 8-bit
    + Nocturnal
    + Glass
    + Cerulean
    + Ember Flames

    ++ Client improvement update

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  • 1 month ago August 19, 2018O2Jam Interval Admin

    If you're going to buy a keyboard, make sure you read the specification and it tells "full key rollover or full key rollover on usb", if not then your keyboard cannot press all the keys simultaneously.

    Just a reminder, Anti-ghosting and Key-Rollover are different

    For more information check out this video here!

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  • 1 month ago August 18, 2018O2Jam Interval Admin

    Miss O2JAM? come play with us, O2JAM INT

    Download now!! Here!!!!

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  • 1 month ago August 17, 2018O2Jam Interval Admin

    Update!!! 5 skins will be added to our server, from PlayO2JAM!!

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  • 1 month ago August 17, 2018O2Jam Interval Admin



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  • 1 month ago August 16, 2018O2Jam Interval Admin

    Emergency Server Maintenance 8/16/2018

    - Fixing IP information and logging info

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  • 1 month ago August 16, 2018O2Jam Interval Admin

    Globe Telecom Users (Philippines): Try changing your DNS to Google DNS

    Here is the link on how to do it

    I suggest to use the command "ipconfig /flushdns" to flush all the cached dns config

    And restart after that

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  • 1 month ago August 11, 2018O2Jam Interval Admin

    To Globe Users (Philippines): All of you cannot connect because your ISP/Globe Telecom that they have connection problem, blocking or re-routing the connection to our O2JAM Interval Server

    There is no way we can fix that problem, unless report it to them that you are affected by this connection issues

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  • 1 month ago August 09, 2018O2Jam Interval Admin

    Currently there is only 2 Playing Skin Interface, we might add more interface from PlayO2JAM this week or next week

    Then we will update the new song list again, maybe start from the beginning and change a lot of stuff for screening and division of songs

    So it is going to be hectic schedule for me and the team.

    For those who applied for GM Position, if I replied it means I acknowledge your application and read the information that you provided to "US"

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  • 2 months ago July 30, 2018O2Jam Interval Admin

    O2Jam Interval Patch 47 Fixes (07/29/2018)

    - Fixed Prohibited and Create room problems
    - Abuselist disabled

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