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03/20/2018 01:10:42am -8:00GMT US Pacific Time

  • 6 days ago March 14, 2018O2Jam Interval Admin

    Notice: Never install any Comodo products on your computer. Because it limits the program access of the O2Jam Launcher

    If it says "Server Down". Please check on the website if it's online or offline.

    If it's online, then change your DNS settings or Use some free VPN

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  • 1 month ago February 09, 2018O2Jam Interval Admin

    This is what we're doing right now. Update the whole interface the same interface with the Patcher, Loading, Login, and Channel Interfaces.

    We're working on a very large update that might take us one or more months to finished, but at least the idea is already here and we're working to make it good enough for our players.

    Thank you for supporting O2JAM INT

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  • 2 months ago January 29, 2018O2Jam Interval Admin

    Server up!! Sorry for the inconvenience, the server SSD is full that's why it rejects any connection and closed all the remaining apps that needed for the cleanup

    Tomorrow or maybe later I'll shutdown the server first and reinstall it on another HDD and move everything from SSD to HDD and use it as a primary disk.

    For the past 3 days I was in Anime Los Angeles. I didn't check because I'm so busy cosplaying (Ashe from League of Legends, and Sorey from Tales of Zestiria) and having a good time with my friends and the community

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  • 2 months ago January 15, 2018O2Jam Interval Admin

    Patch 39 (1/15/2018)

    - Reverted back to old ddraw compatibility
    - Removed some old elements

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  • 2 months ago January 08, 2018O2Jam Interval Admin

    Server Maintenance (1/8/2018)

    This to ensure our server is working properly and get monthly rest.

    - Testing some hardware
    - Operating System, and software updates

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  • 3 months ago January 03, 2018O2Jam Interval Admin

    Patch 38 (1/3/2018)

    Patch Note:

    - Testing new DDraw update *please message if something wrong happened*
    - Added O2Net32.dll *for screenshot function*

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  • 3 months ago December 28, 2017O2Jam Interval Admin

    Advance Happy Holidays to everyone!!

    As you can see we don't have any patches and updates this month because my schedule already cramped and there's no way for me to look out on the server, but I am now, still developing some stuff that needed work and test if it will work on other systems

    WineDDraw 3.0-rc1-staging works well on Windows 10 64bit with Nvidia GTX 970

    Later I need to test more systems and see if everything works fine on Windows 8, 8.1, 7, and Vista

    Most of this are gonna be test on Intel Platform with Nvidia GTX 970

    If anyone wants to volunteer to be a tester, hit us a message here or on Discord

    Again, Happy Holidays!!

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  • 4 months ago December 01, 2017O2Jam Interval Admin

    Server Testing: Its up, but there will be a lot of bugs, need to sort them out, please message me if some of it doesn't work

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  • 4 months ago December 01, 2017O2Jam Interval Admin

    Emergency Server Maintenance (12/1/2017)

    Note: I might add some songs right now

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  • 4 months ago November 17, 2017O2Jam Interval Admin

    Right now I can't help you guys because of my implant. I'm really irritated and in pain at the same time, I'm just typing this because I know to myself I cant control my temper after next few hours especially this kind of thing.

    I can't eat well, hopefully I can sleep later, and nothing else bothers me

    I have to say this in advance so that I'm not gonna chat with you guys with unprepared mind.

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  • 4 months ago November 13, 2017O2Jam Interval Admin

    Latest Song Pack/Size 500+MB

    Download this after downloading the full client, and put this inside the music folder of O2JAM Int!Jh4l2QTB!4EH1_FFH4DXFSCqwdVNJrzuVhRMiTfBIjBR4cGHBR0w

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  • 4 months ago November 07, 2017O2Jam Interval Admin

    Looks like this server is getting bigger and bigger. Most online per day is 15. The trend goes up

    Thank you for supporting us!

    New updates coming, mostly songs and client updates.

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