News and Server Update

02/27/2017 05:35:34am -8:00GMT US Pacific Time

  • 20 days ago February 07, 2017O2Jam Interval Admin

    If you experienced the "Otwo.exe is missing" error. Please disable or remove McAfee Antivirus or related product.

    Thank you

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  • 1 month ago January 14, 2017O2Jam Interval Admin

    Patch 27 (1/14/2017)

    - Fixed Blank Screen

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  • 1 month ago January 13, 2017O2Jam Interval Admin

    Patch 25-26 Compatibility Update

    - Launcher sets otwo.exe to 16bit mode color
    - Otwo.exe removed exit.exe run
    - Beta Update for Settings

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  • 2 months ago January 11, 2017O2Jam Interval Admin

    Server Up!! Sorry for the delay <3

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  • 2 months ago January 09, 2017O2Jam Interval Admin

    Hi guys!!! There will be an upcoming update for songs and interface this week.

    Stay Tuned!!!

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  • 2 months ago January 05, 2017O2Jam Interval Admin

    O2JAM INT is now compatible with all Windows operating systems

    From Windows Vista to 10

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  • 2 months ago January 04, 2017O2Jam Interval Admin

    We will have a 3 days "Server Maintenance" to ensure stability and improving reliability of our servers

    Date: Saturday, 1/7/2017 to 1/11/2017
    Time: 8PM -8GMT Los Angeles Time

    Thank you for supporting our game.

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  • 2 months ago December 30, 2016O2Jam Interval Admin

    Happy New Year Guys!!, Thank you for supporting O2JAM INT, Registration is now Opened!

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  • 2 months ago December 23, 2016O2Jam Interval Admin

    Server is now in Developer Mode

    Registration is now closed.

    We don't accept any more registrations, any accounts that have been registered before the Developer Mode are now active.

    For those who are registered before the Developer Mode, you can still use that account to play O2JAM INT

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  • 2 months ago December 22, 2016O2Jam Interval Admin

    Our server is now in Developer Mode, means only those who registered until tomorrow can access the game, registration will be closed tomorrow (12/23/2016 10PM -7GMT (Los Angeles Time))

    Developer Mode means it will stress the server for coders and engineers to update fixes and implement some new ideas about the game

    Server will be interrupted on this process, meaning you'll gonna experience slowdowns, disconnections, and freezing.

    We might add a lot of stuff like songs and other functions in game

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  • 3 months ago November 29, 2016O2Jam Interval Admin

    Site Update (11/29/2016)

    - New Download Link (Mega, and Mediafire)

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  • 3 months ago November 28, 2016O2Jam Interval Admin

    Server Maintenance (11/28/2016)

    - Server Hardware Upgrades

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