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07/23/2017 09:28:18pm -8:00GMT US Pacific Time

  • 4 days ago July 19, 2017O2Jam Interval Admin

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  • 8 days ago July 15, 2017O2Jam Interval Admin

    O2Jam INT Patch 37 Update (July 15, 2017)

    - ddraw fix for black screen
    - Launcher update and configuration allowing lower Windows OS to run the game

    Site (July 14, 2017)

    - Site security update
    - Added forgot password

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  • 9 days ago July 14, 2017O2Jam Interval Admin

    Hi O2JAMMERS !!! You can now retrieve your lost password using our password recovery , here!

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  • 22 days ago July 02, 2017O2Jam Interval Admin

    Omg!! What happened to this server?

    Hi! I'm Jc the owner of O2Jam Int Private Server, right now I'm on a busy schedule until next 2 weeks.

    Where am I? Here in Los Angeles, CA.. Anime Expo 2017.

    What I'm doing here?

    Ohh just to see Aqours and some events. I was gonna cosplay but I cant because I dont have any costumes

    What about the updates for O2Jam?

    Right now theres gonna big patch coming for O2Jam, where you can customize the whole game in easy way!! The rest are songs and some interface update! Sounds good huh?

    Wtf?? Why did you explain this vacation thing?

    Because people thinks this server is already dead.. NO! Wrong!! Because all of the updates are on their way to the final stage which is testing. I have a friend who is working on it right now

    And last we're gonna have a server hardware upgrade soon!!

    Thats all for today

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  • 3 months ago May 08, 2017O2Jam Interval Admin

    O2JAM INT Patch 36 (05/08/2017)

    - Revert Changes on Ddraw compatibility due to gaming issues
    - Channel selection information
    - Closing the game wont open game website anymore

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  • 3 months ago May 05, 2017O2Jam Interval Admin

    Server Up! O2Jam INT Update 5/5/2017

    - Changing song separation by Level (Channel 1 Song 21 below, Channel 2 Song 22 and Above)
    - Adding more songs to the server
    - Client update for Game Recoders and Ingame Overlays
    - Some broken translations on missions
    - Closing O2Jam Int now redirects you to our main O2JAM.COM.PH

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  • 3 months ago May 05, 2017O2Jam Interval Admin

    Emergency Maintenance: 2PM -7 PDT San Francisco Time

    - Changing song separation by Level
    - Adding more songs to the server
    - Client update for Game Recoders and Ingame Overlays

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  • 3 months ago April 25, 2017O2Jam Interval Admin

    Server Online

    - Fixed website connection to the server

    Mary Grant The Filipina

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  • 3 months ago April 24, 2017O2Jam Interval Admin

    Server Maintenance 12pm @Los Angeles Time -8GMT

    Improvement on connections and some optimization on server applications

    Other online services will be offline:

    Site registration
    Online ranking
    Discord bot

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  • 3 months ago April 12, 2017O2Jam Interval Admin

    Our server is getting bigger and bigger to the point that i need to upgrade some stuff inside of it. Now our community are more active and helpful, I might add another GM on our list and another developer who can contribute on our server.

    Much more, X2 interface is coming, its only an add-on Interface

    Keep Playing Guys!!!

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  • 4 months ago April 09, 2017O2Jam Interval Admin

    O2Jam Interval Patch 34: (4/9/2017)

    - Launcher compatibility to XP
    - Lower requirements to .net Framework 4.0 for XP
    - Settings compatibility update

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  • 4 months ago April 06, 2017O2Jam Interval Admin

    Server UP!!!

    Patch 33: 4/6/2017

    - Downgrade launcher framework from 4.5 to 4.0 for XP Support (Who the hell still using this Operating System?)
    - Server Selection image corruption
    - Result_Back.ojs fix
    - Channel Selection Update
    - Song list will be divided by 1-1000 (usually official songs) on 1st channel, 2nd channel 1001-7000 (unofficial songs)
    - Settings update including Interface and some bugfixes
    - Launcher fixes including detecting OS

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