News and Server Update

05/23/2022 05:00:12am -8:00GMT US Pacific Time

  • 08:27:[email protected] Pacific Time 2021-07-24 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    Emergency Server Maintenance, will be back in an hour.

    17:58:[email protected] Pacific Time 2021-07-05 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    Server up! (July 5, 2021)

    - Some random changes with the network settings

    10:41:[email protected] Pacific Time 2021-07-03 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    O2Jam INT Emergency Server Maintenance. (July 3, 2021)

    Note: The server will not be up until the July 5th, Los Angeles time. Thank you

    14:16:[email protected] Pacific Time 2021-06-24 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    O2Jam Int Patch 76 Update: June 24, 2021

    - Added game rendering option tab
    - Added required dll files for all of the rendering selection
    - Removed some unused codes and trash
    - Fixed some codes with regards to Window Mode and Game Rendering Options
    - Fixed the list of the Playing Interface
    - List the Rendering on Launcher and update it after applying settings on Game Rendering Tab
    - Removed some unused objects

    20:47:[email protected] Pacific Time 2021-03-17 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    O2Jam Interval Update: Patch 73 : March 17, 2021

    - Fixes skin list
    - Fix AMD pink color issue on newer graphics card (eg. 5000 series all the way up to newer)
    - Fixes some checklist selections

    Note: no music update at the moment

    Thank you

    05:50:[email protected] Pacific Time 2021-02-03 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    Server will be up on Saturday, Feb 6, 2021, -8 PST Los Angeles

    18:18:[email protected] Pacific Time 2020-10-18 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    Server is up!! Moved the server back to Daly City, California

    Testing still on-going for stability purposes. Thank you

    20:50:[email protected] Pacific Time 2020-05-31 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    O2Jam Interval Patch 70 Update 05/31/2020

    - Launcher *just reupdating for some people*
    - Removed All 3Keys songs
    - Added English Tutorial

    20:17:[email protected] Pacific Time 2020-05-22 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    Patch 69 (05/22/2020)


    - Added another setting Disable8And16BitD3D, this might work on some people experiencing black screen and low fps
    - Fixed run as admin application layer compatibility

    18:23:[email protected] Pacific Time 2020-05-16 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    O2Jam Interval Patch 68 5/16/2020


    - Fixed some ports and IP address resolve
    - Fixed launcher not hiding after launch
    - Fixed connection errors

    15:31:[email protected] Pacific Time 2020-05-16 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    O2Jam Interval Patch 67 : 5/16/2020

    - Fixed Launcher variables
    - Added new stuff for old clients
    - Added OPI patching for SpeedChanger
    - Fixed having a string to double error on the launcher settings
    - Fixed not resizing the game when having 0 or an empty string on both height and width
    - Fixed DNS changer

    22:04:[email protected] Pacific Time 2020-05-08 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    Server News and Update:

    New Full Client will be released tomorrow *Los Angeles Time*, thank you for waiting and patience

    More fixes on the client and launcher.

    Note that there are some issues with AMD graphics card running Overlay that affects the performance of the game on which it's out of our hands to fix.

    The only thing you can do is to disable it at the AMD Control Panel which you can follow here

    16:06PM @ Pacific Time Nov 22 2019 O2Jam Interval Admin

    Patch 61 Update:

    - Fast Patching
    - Fixed double patching method
    - Fixed unable to delete some files
    - Fixed byte patching method
    - Fixed move folder and music folder variables

    14:03PM @ Pacific Time Nov 21 2019 O2Jam Interval Admin

    Website Update:

    - Faster loading
    - HTTPS Enabled for security
    - Fixed javascript calls