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12/07/2022 04:30:35pm -8:00GMT US Pacific Time

  • 21:38:[email protected] Pacific Time 2022-11-09 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    Patch 79: 11/09/2022

    - Allow alt-tab even playing

    Thank you Estrol

    22:46:[email protected] Pacific Time 2022-06-26 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    Notice: Forgot password is currently not working. I will fix this once I have the time to do it. I already know the issue. Thank you

    08:27:[email protected] Pacific Time 2021-07-24 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    Emergency Server Maintenance, will be back in an hour.

    17:58:[email protected] Pacific Time 2021-07-05 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    Server up! (July 5, 2021)

    - Some random changes with the network settings

    10:41:[email protected] Pacific Time 2021-07-03 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    O2Jam INT Emergency Server Maintenance. (July 3, 2021)

    Note: The server will not be up until the July 5th, Los Angeles time. Thank you

    14:16:[email protected] Pacific Time 2021-06-24 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    O2Jam Int Patch 76 Update: June 24, 2021

    - Added game rendering option tab
    - Added required dll files for all of the rendering selection
    - Removed some unused codes and trash
    - Fixed some codes with regards to Window Mode and Game Rendering Options
    - Fixed the list of the Playing Interface
    - List the Rendering on Launcher and update it after applying settings on Game Rendering Tab
    - Removed some unused objects

    20:47:[email protected] Pacific Time 2021-03-17 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    O2Jam Interval Update: Patch 73 : March 17, 2021

    - Fixes skin list
    - Fix AMD pink color issue on newer graphics card (eg. 5000 series all the way up to newer)
    - Fixes some checklist selections

    Note: no music update at the moment

    Thank you

    05:50:[email protected] Pacific Time 2021-02-03 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    Server will be up on Saturday, Feb 6, 2021, -8 PST Los Angeles

    18:18:[email protected] Pacific Time 2020-10-18 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    Server is up!! Moved the server back to Daly City, California

    Testing still on-going for stability purposes. Thank you

    20:50:[email protected] Pacific Time 2020-05-31 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    O2Jam Interval Patch 70 Update 05/31/2020

    - Launcher *just reupdating for some people*
    - Removed All 3Keys songs
    - Added English Tutorial

    20:17:[email protected] Pacific Time 2020-05-22 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    Patch 69 (05/22/2020)


    - Added another setting Disable8And16BitD3D, this might work on some people experiencing black screen and low fps
    - Fixed run as admin application layer compatibility

    18:23:[email protected] Pacific Time 2020-05-16 O2JAM INTERVAL ADMIN

    O2Jam Interval Patch 68 5/16/2020


    - Fixed some ports and IP address resolve
    - Fixed launcher not hiding after launch
    - Fixed connection errors

    16:06PM @ Pacific Time Nov 22 2019 O2Jam Interval Admin

    Patch 61 Update:

    - Fast Patching
    - Fixed double patching method
    - Fixed unable to delete some files
    - Fixed byte patching method
    - Fixed move folder and music folder variables

    14:03PM @ Pacific Time Nov 21 2019 O2Jam Interval Admin

    Website Update:

    - Faster loading
    - HTTPS Enabled for security
    - Fixed javascript calls

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